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Open Automated Demand Response Communication Standards (OpenADR or Open Auto-DR) Development

The OpenADR research has been carried out by LBNL Demand Response Research Center (DRRC) which is managed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Over six years of research, development, and demonstration have led to this standard development process. The initial goal of the OpenADR research was to explore the feasibility of developing a low cost communications infrastructure to improve the reliability, repeatability, robustness, and cost-effectiveness of demand response (DR) in commercial buildings. One key research question was: Could today's technology be used to automate the response of commercial and industrial buildings to standardized electricity price and reliability signals? The research was funded by the California Energy Commission's (CEC) Public Interest Energy Research Program (PIER).

The OpenADR standards development activities are broadly classified under following categories:

  1. OpenADR Specification Documents: OpenADR specification (Version 1.0) CEC and LBNL report, addresses comments from all public review drafts and leads toward the development of OpenADR standards. These documents outline technology neutral communications specification and data models using Web Services to send DR signals to end-use customer systems.
  2. OpenADR Standards Development: OpenADR has been contributed to the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) and the UCA International Users Group (UCAIug). Each of these organizations are working together with LBNL to collaborate around further developing the OpenADR specification (Version 1.0). Details of OpenADR effort within OASIS are at "Energy Interoperation Technical Committee". The UCAIug OpenADR Task Force has further details on thie process and other related public documentation.
  3. OpenADR Conformance Development: In a parallel process to OpenADR Standards Development with OASIS and UCAIug, LBNL is completing an OpenADR conformance framework scope and planning collaboration with conformance User Groups and Standards Organizations.
  4. OpenADR Alliance: This initiative will create an OpenADR Alliance aimed at industry leveraging the OpenADR specification and methodologies to foster more effective deployment OpenADR to the market.
  5. OpenADR Client Development Program: This program, offered independently by LBNL subcontractor, Akuacom, is designed to allow interested parties to develop Clients capable of receiving and consuming DR signals according to the proposed OpenADR specification (Version 1.0). For details and enrollment to this program, see the OpenADR Client Development Program Users Guide [PDF, 500 KB].